My name is Pett. I am only using a free blog site because I am not a Pro blogger. Please do not expect perfect compositions in my blog because I can only speak & write English but I am not good at technical writing (or how to use subject verb agreement all the time). Welcome to my humble blogsite where I write just about anything!

I welcome advertisements and products/places to be reviewed (if you trust me & when I become better at writing).

I am...
Bad at Math. Terrible at Science. Nostalgic. Emotional. OC. Baby Witch. Clean Freak. Love arts & crafts. Moody. Late comer. Lazy. Meticulous. 

I am all that is not perfect. But when I give friendship, I give it with all my heart. When I give love, I give it with all of me. Obviously, I am far from being that someone whom everybody likes. I have my own principles in life although I also respect other people's. I love organizing parties (but I'm NOT a Pro, hehe). I like writing down my thoughts, my plans & dreams. And because of that, I want a more personalized planner/diary for myself. Something that is complete yet simple & not complicated.

I can't sleep at night without cleaning the bedroom first which include sorting & folding clothes, dusting (almost every little thing), arranging, sweeping, all that! Makes you think I'm not normal, huh? 

I eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits and I want to completely stop drinking soda, coffee, iced teas and stop eating junk foods, pizza, rice but I JUST CAN'T. I REALLY JUST CAN'T! 

I wish I'll meet a man who has a big heart to understand me. Someone who would cook breakfast for me, hehehe, and I wouldn't mind cooking dinner for him. 

I am ambitious but humble. Or, do you think so?

Lastly, I wanna write more but my eyes are tired... so I'm gonna get back with this page soon.


This page is under reconstruction. Thank you for understanding.

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