Saturday, February 20, 2016

W. Lab Honey Beam Cushion Review

Hi guys!

I am super duper and mega excited to review this product. I am sure that you already get my verdict prior to posting the actual review 😆

I got my W. Lab Honey Beam Cushion from K-Style Korean Shop on Facebook (please feel free to copy paste: K-Style Korean Shop). They sell authentic Korean beauty and wellness products both online and at their physical shop in Cagayan de Oro City. The shop is owned and managed by my two high school friends, Abigail and Yani 😊

I am not sure if they're the only one selling W. Lab products here in the Philippines, I have to verify it 😜

So here's the product and how it worked on me:

The before and After Photo

The finish look is really satisfying. It covered my blemishes with very minimal application. And it gave my face that extra-lift that gives you fresh looking face.

And oh, there are plus points: it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals 👌

This is super sulit, must-try product! 👍