Monday, October 27, 2014

Skin Perfection's Skin Care Products

I always get very excited when I receive a package from Skin Perfection. I'm always eager to open it because it's so girl-y with that signature pink packaging :)

Feeling good starts at how products are presented. Skin Perfection is great at that.

So last Saturday (2 days after the package was shipped out), I received my second package. Take a look!

Got super thrilled to receive these babies! It comes with an extra freebie -- the Milk Foot Scrub. It's always a happy shopping at Skin Perfection because there are giveaways and freebies almost every time!

Collagen Soap

Pink Clarifying Toner

Cheek and Lip Tint

Body Bleaching Cream

Milk Foot Scrub

Will have to try and observe these before I write an honest feedback :)

For now, let me thank Skin Perfection for being so fabulously generous! I honestly feel safe with these products because it's 95% organic :)

Check out Skin Perfection's skin care products here.

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