Thursday, October 23, 2014

ONO All-Natural Skin Care Products

Reselling ONO products is not all about earning but helping other people too. Unlike commercial soaps, ONO soap is all-natural so it is VERY safe to use even to those who have the most sensitive skin. I remember a new friend who wanted to buy some ONO soaps because her doctor recommended her to only use skin care products, especially soaps that are chemical-free to prolong her life. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to put a little effort in educating ourselves between all-natural soaps vs commercial soaps.

Here's a complete list of ONO All-Natural Skin Products with my price (Re seller's price)

ONO Soap (15 variants) - P35.00 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Deo Cream - P60 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Body Butter - P55.00 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Sun Screen Lotion with SPF 11 - P55.00 + Shipping and Handling
Tender Pet Dog Soap - P35.00 + Shipping and Handling

I cater those clients who are near or inside Butuan City and Gingoog City area. Please do not hesitate to ask us thru Facebook if we have a reseller near your place so you will not have to pay the shipping fee :)

When we say it's 100% natural, we really mean it.

It's about time that you make a decision too, because I just did.

By the way, we are looking for re sellers, if you want to become one, please message the owner. Don't worry, she is very approachable (probably the most kind online seller I know) :)

My personal favorite: Mangosteen, Turmeric variants, Oat & rice.
My 1-year-old baby use either Milk, Olive Aloe Vera, Olive Cleanse or Extreme Neem.
My mom's favorite are Turmeric variants, Milk, & Moringa variants.

My ultimate FAVORITE -- the Deo Cream (must be paired with ONO soap Oat & Rice) 

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