Monday, October 13, 2014

Milk Tea in Gingoog City!

Finally! After 40 years (hehe joke), I am proud to present the first-ever milk tea store in Gingoog City -- SaniTea Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea!

Here's Popoy eating macaroons, pero naka pose  ^_^

You're growing up so fast, Langga!

The cozy tea shop at the City Wharf 

Last night, I ordered Taro with Nata de Coco sinkers for me and Popoy. But Caramel is also good :)

Simple joys in a simple city :)

SaniTea Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea is located at
Pahayahay sa Pantalan (City Wharf), Gingoog City
[they have the best shop among all the shops in the wharf, hehe]

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