Monday, October 27, 2014

Skin Perfection's Skin Care Products

I always get very excited when I receive a package from Skin Perfection. I'm always eager to open it because it's so girl-y with that signature pink packaging :)

Feeling good starts at how products are presented. Skin Perfection is great at that.

So last Saturday (2 days after the package was shipped out), I received my second package. Take a look!

Got super thrilled to receive these babies! It comes with an extra freebie -- the Milk Foot Scrub. It's always a happy shopping at Skin Perfection because there are giveaways and freebies almost every time!

Collagen Soap

Pink Clarifying Toner

Cheek and Lip Tint

Body Bleaching Cream

Milk Foot Scrub

Will have to try and observe these before I write an honest feedback :)

For now, let me thank Skin Perfection for being so fabulously generous! I honestly feel safe with these products because it's 95% organic :)

Check out Skin Perfection's skin care products here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ONO All-Natural Skin Care Products

Reselling ONO products is not all about earning but helping other people too. Unlike commercial soaps, ONO soap is all-natural so it is VERY safe to use even to those who have the most sensitive skin. I remember a new friend who wanted to buy some ONO soaps because her doctor recommended her to only use skin care products, especially soaps that are chemical-free to prolong her life. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to put a little effort in educating ourselves between all-natural soaps vs commercial soaps.

Here's a complete list of ONO All-Natural Skin Products with my price (Re seller's price)

ONO Soap (15 variants) - P35.00 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Deo Cream - P60 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Body Butter - P55.00 + Shipping and Handling
ONO Sun Screen Lotion with SPF 11 - P55.00 + Shipping and Handling
Tender Pet Dog Soap - P35.00 + Shipping and Handling

I cater those clients who are near or inside Butuan City and Gingoog City area. Please do not hesitate to ask us thru Facebook if we have a reseller near your place so you will not have to pay the shipping fee :)

When we say it's 100% natural, we really mean it.

It's about time that you make a decision too, because I just did.

By the way, we are looking for re sellers, if you want to become one, please message the owner. Don't worry, she is very approachable (probably the most kind online seller I know) :)

My personal favorite: Mangosteen, Turmeric variants, Oat & rice.
My 1-year-old baby use either Milk, Olive Aloe Vera, Olive Cleanse or Extreme Neem.
My mom's favorite are Turmeric variants, Milk, & Moringa variants.

My ultimate FAVORITE -- the Deo Cream (must be paired with ONO soap Oat & Rice) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Personalized Gift Tags and Nametags by Rookiehands

I am sucker for personalized products, yes! Last year, I designed and printed my own Christmas greeting cards and gift tags & I am proud of it, hehe. Here's a pic of my work last year:

This year, because of too busy work schedule, I decided to have someone do it for  me. I'm glad because someone who is very professional at doing invites/tags/cards is Butuan-based! Here are some stuffs she did for me:

 I am impressed with her works - from the paper quality to the printing quality... and very affordable too! You must check Rookiehand's FB page for a gallery of her works :) 

I'm a satisfied and happy client! :D Thank you, Ms. Marisse! I wish your business good luck! :D

Monday, October 13, 2014

Milk Tea in Gingoog City!

Finally! After 40 years (hehe joke), I am proud to present the first-ever milk tea store in Gingoog City -- SaniTea Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea!

Here's Popoy eating macaroons, pero naka pose  ^_^

You're growing up so fast, Langga!

The cozy tea shop at the City Wharf 

Last night, I ordered Taro with Nata de Coco sinkers for me and Popoy. But Caramel is also good :)

Simple joys in a simple city :)

SaniTea Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea is located at
Pahayahay sa Pantalan (City Wharf), Gingoog City
[they have the best shop among all the shops in the wharf, hehe]

One Weekend

I love weekends because of this little but smart baby!

Sikad riding. When I tell him that we would make suroy in the city, he would excitedly tag along with me and say, "Para sikad!"

I love this boy to bits!

Skin Perfection's Radiant Glow Day&Night Set w/ Luminous Whitening Review

As promised, I am doing a product review on Skin Perfection's Radiant Glow Day&Night Set w/ Luminous Whitening

Let me start by stating that I love organic skin care products... mainly because they are much SAFER to use than other commercial skin care products that we usually see in the market. Personally, it is my choice to not stop searching for products that would help my skin glow. Thank goodness because I found Skin Perfection!

Taking care of our skin involves TIME and CONSISTENCY. Meaning, it doesn't happen overnight. And if we don't see right away the result that we wanted, it doesn't mean that it wouldn't work anymore. It needs a little patience too so don't just jump from using one product to another. It's like experimenting, ya know?

I'm gonna be writing here a review on Skin Perfection's bestselling set. I bought the set at P1,000.00 + shipping fee of P120.00 last August. Pricey for one purchase but it's super sulit because you get a total 6 products in one shot!

All products are beautifully packed with instruction per product. 

Set includes
Honey Bee Anti Aging Facial Wash
Pink Clarifying Toner
Green Essential Oil
Luminous Day & Night Whitening Cream
2 in 1 Day Cream
5 in 1 Cream

If you wanna check out the products' use one by one, please visit directly Skin Perfection's page on Facebook. Skin Perfection has wide array of skin care products and recently they launched the newest member of the SP family: the Cheek and Lip Tint! The SP FB page alone is very inspiring, well-managed by the owner, maintaining a white & pink theme, hehe. The seller is very pretty, hardworking, credible & generous too! Watch out and always check her page because she offer amazing promos and deals every now and then!

I took this photo of the set only to realize that the Honey Bee Facial Wash is missing! It's in the bathroom, haha.

Honey Bee Anti Aging Facial Wash - very mild & unscented. A very good sign that it's organic :) you will feel that smooth-face-after-wash. No joke! This facial wash is gel in form so you can save more than having a soap. I use it twice a day. In the morning and at bedtime.

Pink Clarifying Toner - I can't really tell any observation on this. I just love the fact that it's alcohol-free. To be used twice a day.

Green Essential Oil - it has a micro-peeling effect that I actually didn't notice until few days. To be used thrice a week but sometimes I use it every night.

Luminous Day & Night Whitening Cream - it has a mild scent that I love! Non-greasy and non-heavy on skin. To be used twice a day.

2 in 1 Day Cream - Non-heavy and with SPF. It doesn't make your face feel heavy. It blends well too. Looove it! To be used in the morning. 

5 in 1 Night Cream - It has a fruity smell, making me feel good after application. To be used at night.

It's really mild, safe and soothing too. You go to bed feeling beautiful :D I noticed too that my skin has become smoother than before and I love that it makes my skin glow. Before, if I don't put powder on my face, my skin feels dull & dark but now that I have been exclusively using the set on my face, I see much difference... a good difference :) I would definitely recommend this set and re-purchase! 

If you plan to purchase this set, I suggest that you buy an extra Honey Bee Facial Wash, Pink toner & Whitening Cream so you can enjoy the set up to its last piece. 

Skin Perfection only sell these products online and they are located in Davao City, Philippines.

Of course I am not ending this post without a picture of myself. I haven't achieved that perfect skin yet but I am already happy with this improvement. I want to try SP's other sets. Maybe when I have savings na? :D

Thank you very much for spending time to read this review. Sending everyone a virtual hug!!!!