Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why Am I Posting This?

Dear Ghost Readers,

I'm wondering if there is really someone who reads this blog aside from myself, of course. I like the fact that this is an online blog where I can easily be reached by the cyber people, but I also love the fact that because I am not popular nor promote this personal blog, nobody would mind to check it and will keep all my posts an open secret. 4 years ago I think, I met somebody who is a total stranger just because he bumped into my blogsite. Things like that could happen, eh? Don't ask me where he is now because I do not know. The last thing I remember, 2 jealous girlfriends were attacking me because they thought that I was a threat to them. Hahaha.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hello, August (very very soon!)                                                                                                                                                  

As you can see, I have written on my BDJ Planner blog topics and I have only accomplished 1 out of 5. Booo! I have been solely using my internet-reliable cellphone to browse websites but I'm never comfortable writing blog entries using a cellphone -- which explains why I haven't written for a long time. If you have followed my old blog in Wordpress, you can say that I have been very active then. I always wanted to write, but I don't have a laptop anymore :( 

If you are wondering what I'm doing right now, I'm still on my working clothes at 9-ish in the evening. And as what I always do, I wipe everything in the pad, dusting off and I'm about to sweep the floor but blogging is just so tempting, I couldn't resist! Oh by the way, this is a borrowed laptop, hehe. For tonight's use only :p

Last month, I opened another online shop that sells high premium cloned gadgets from Korea. They are very affordable but they are great! Perfect to those who love android gadgets but couldn't afford to buy an original. My bestseller gadget is the Samsung S5 Quadcore at Php7,400 with freebies [monopod, powerbank, screen guard, flip case, Korean LED watch and shipping] very sulit, right?
Feel free to visit my FB page: Tindahan ni Popoy

After a week, I opened another online shop exclusively for skin care. I am very excited to introduce to you ONO soaps that are proudly made in Cebu, Philippines! They are 100% natural (I tell you, no artificial ingredients nor harderner). Best to use if you have sensitive skin. We use expensive liquid soaps on my baby to eliminate the rashes on his neck. One day, I used Tea Tree Oil ONO Soap on him and it was just amazing! I and my baby use ONO soap since May. I have so much faith in ONO because it's organic and all-natural, very affordable at Php27/bar, it's also very safe and effective. 

I hope you can check it out and give it a try! =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Topical Oxygen Supplement (Top-O)

Who doesn't love free samples? I bet we all do. Last summer, I came across my Facebook's newsfeed with a friend's post about Top-O, a topical oxygen supplement that helps people with skin problems. So I texted the number given for a free sample and the following week, I received mine.

The package comes with a small note that defines Top-O and how it cures skin problems. It also works great for normal skin type (like myself) because it gives you that moisture & hydration that your skin needs. Just recently, I found their FB page and learned that they are selling it na for P360/canister and they give discounts for bulk orders. 

They have been receiving positive feedbacks :) So if you know someone who needs this, please share. A healthy skin doesn't need expensive sessions (derma clinics) :D