Sunday, June 29, 2014

To The Man Who Promised To Never Break My Heart

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

It's heartbreaking to see you leave yet can do nothing about it. I find it unfortunate that I am left behind -- with no hope, no one to talk to, nowhere to go and there you are moving forward. I was accustomed to the assurance that you would never break my heart nor leave me. I remember it all VERY WELL but you seem to have forgotten (or choose to forget). I remember all the promises of forever... I didn't know it has conditions until now. Here I am trapped. I am sad that you didn't fight for me, for us... the three of us. I have always waited for you to do that but it seems that so many have changed and unluckily, I was not your priority. I'm sorry if I wasn't the best. I am perfectly imperfect and I thought you know that. All I asked was your time but you are too happy with other people that you forgot about me and our plans together.

When you asked for space, I did not hesitated to give it to you as I need it too. But what is most devastating is the fact that in a very short time (for a kind of relationship that we had plus our son), it was so easy for you to find someone else. Then I remembered other people's predictions... that sooner or later you're gonna leave me too. I was too happy then to believe that.

Nobody knows what I've been going through even if I wanted to breakdown. I feel more responsible of appearing strong for our little earthling. I have to cry while doing my morning and night shower to hide the tears. And yet it all boils down to one thing: you're not going back. As much as I want to hate you and curse you, I cannot. Know that while you are so enjoying your new life, you are breaking my heart each day.

Maybe it was a mistake to have loved you because you're not man enough to keep your words. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to have believed the lies.

Until then....

Your Ex-Girlfriend