Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Look

Hello ghost readers!

I have been neglecting this site for so many months (you see, I am still brokenhearted that my Wordpress account was deactivated. I was a loyal blogger for 3 long years) and I can hear its cry of makeover. I decided to re-launch this although there was never an official launching, by simplifying the look. I hope you are not having a hard time navigating everything on this site. If you encounter any issue, please let me know.

My About page is currently under construction since I have to change most of the contents there. Why so? From a working student, I am now a working girl. And a mom of an adorable 1-year old boy. So much has changed in a matter of months since I started this blog in 2012. A couple of days after I posted my very first entry here, I learned that I was 4 weeks pregnant so that changed me in some ways and has affected even my passion to blog. But even though I stopped blogging, there was always a little voice in me saying that I should go back.

My passion to share my thought started in high school wherein I use to write everything that is happening around me, everyday, every single week of the month on a diary. Thank heavens for the new technology, I am now able to have my own online diary for free. Isn't it amazing? :D

I would like to encourage my students (yes, I am now a teacher, hehe) in sharing their lives most especially their experiences that makes them better than what they were yesterday. I want them to read back on what they've written over the years and see if they have become better individuals. Guys, if you want to start your own online diary or blog and you don't know how, feel free to approach me.

Time check it's 12:14 am (Philippine time) and I have a half-day work tomorrow so this should do for now.

Good night and God bless!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello, 2014!

I know I'm a little late but I feel that the year has just started since I spent one whole week isolating myself because of measles. Glad the virus went away! :)

Last month, I received my first ever Belle de Jour Planner and I was very excited because of so many good things that I have been hearing from BDJ girls :) For two years, I was using the Total Girl Planner. Although it was cute, I find BDJ more beautiful and empowering!

I'm glad I got this cover. Minimalist. :)

Although I cannot enjoy 100% the coupons since most of the partner establishments are in the metro (and unfortunately I'm in Butuan) I am still happy knowing that they're all inside this planner.

I am always excited to plan my day because of this.

More entries to come, I promise. For now, I have to bid good night :)