Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby's Needs

Hi to all the readers especially to all the moms who are reading this entry. I'd like to inform you that I am not being paid for every product that I promote or endorse on this blog. They are all simply my personal preference as a mom :)

Being a first-time mom can be quite anxious. I thank the Lord because I still have my mother who acts like she's my son's mom (hahaha) for being so supportive and a full-time yaya to my 5-month old baby. For the first 3 weeks, we used Enfalac A+ but was asked by my baby's pedia to try Isomil after my baby experienced colic. Thankfully, after we switched to Isomil Advance, our baby became more alert, happy and colic-free.

Pardon me but I am not sure of the price anymore but I think it ranges from P978-P1,018.00. Available at groceries and drugstores.
Our family only trust Wilkins Distilled Water and Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water.

3 babies in our family only use and trust Drapolene for the prevention of diaper rash and diaper redness. We use this every diaper change. Price is P200+
Available at local drug stores

This product is more safer to use than other leading brands because it's 98% natural. For only P275.00, you give your baby a lasting protection from insects. 

This one is really expensive but my baby's sensitive skin love this ultimately! Get this at local drug stores at P500+. Alternately, we use Johnson's head to toe wash.

Save a lot by using this CASINO ETHYL ALCOHOL in Ecomist Spray. No need to tilt the bottle :)

Alcohol-free, Scent-free. I love this. I think we bought this for only P99.00 for 2!

My baby is starting to teeth :)

Bought him soft and hard teethers for relief. All teethers are bought at Mercury Drug Store. 

The water inside is purified with reverse osmosis

Remember to wash the teethers every after use with soapy water. Do not boil or sterilize and place it in the fridge (not in the freezer) when not in used.

I am learning everyday as a mom and that includes choosing only what's safe & healthy for my baby. 

Aromacology Sensi's Mineral Powder Blush-On

I promised myself that this blog will only promote & advertise products that are really effective and safe to use. 

Last week, I bought myself a Mineral Powder Blush-On from Aromacology for P335.00. It may be a little costly but the product can last up to 3-4 months because only a little amount of it lasts up to 5-6 hours (based on my skin's experience). The products is 98% botanical-based which obviously means that it has only a very minimal chemical solution used in the production. 

The more it stays on your cheek, the more it glows giving that natural-rosey cheek.

If you want to buy one, please leave a comment on this entry.

Thank you and have a wonderful day :)

Ring Hop Accessories

Olah! As promised, I will blog about the ring that I bought for my ring hop last March 26. Hindi talaga ako high maintenance, hihi.

This was the ring that I used. Bought it for only P199.75 at Gaisano Mall, Butuan

Ladie's Leather Sling Bag that I bought online for only P99.00