Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spa Vitalia (Vitalia Harmony) Review

Last night was a treat! <3

Babbah arranged a Vitalia Harmony at Spa Vitalia package for me. Vitalia Harmony is an 80-minute refreshing massage using their signature combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai strokes and methods that invigorate muscles and nerves, revitalize body, relieves stress and calms the mind. I was hesitant to accept it because I don't want a lot of cash-outs (we're working on cash-ins) but he insisted.

The spa was clean and aromatic just what I expected. The attendants were warm and kind to assist me. Right after filling out the information form, one of the lady therapists offered me a pair of slippers and soaked my feet in a lukewarm water. I never experienced it before with other spa houses. I guess it was 10-minute procedure then she dry it off with a clean, blue (or black) towel. After that, she instructed me to go with her upstairs. I choose light pressure massage. To cut the story short, it was really relaxing I dozed off.

Too bad, I haven't uploaded the pictures yet (no card reader, boo!) but I will soon.

My experience with Grand Royal Spa was also different. Although I didn't like that much their massage, I like their spa house. Well compensated? Hehe

To sum up my experience, I'll be posting the strong and weak points.

  • Not so welcoming reception area
  • Staffs were a little too comfortable with each other, sometimes they forget to talk privately (when I was already in the room with the therapist), she did a little chit chat with her colleague who was in the other room next to mine. That should be fine, but I think it could've been better if they talked privately outside as not to disturb other clients
  • No generator set (blackout attack, but it was personally fine)
  • Area (upstairs) wasn't spacious enough
  • Have only 1 bathroom (that I know of) upstairs
  •  Staffs were accommodating, warm and kind
  • The attendant was knowledgeable of what she was doing (was asking her a lot during the massage therapy)
  • Clean, aromatic space
  • Good massage 
Generally, the massage was great. I just hope Spa Vitalia to post more pictures on Facebook. =)